What hearing aids does costco sell?

Kirkland Signature · Affordable hearing aids · ReSound. Costco sells the Phonak Brio 5 hearing aid.

What hearing aids does costco sell?

Kirkland Signature · Affordable hearing aids · ReSound. Costco sells the Phonak Brio 5 hearing aid. The Brio 5 comes as a BTE device or a custom in-ear (ITE) model. Costco offers a variety of quality hearing aids.

The most affordable ones are labeled with Costco's Kirkland Signature brand. Others are from Philips, Rexton, Phonak and GN ReSound. In many cases, these brands have created less expensive models with fewer bells and whistles exclusively for Costco. The Rexton BiCore M-Core and BiCore hearing aids offer the greatest diversity of options among Costco hearing aid brands.

You can choose from almost all types of hearing aids, including BTE, RIC, in-ear (ITC), custom in-ear (ITE) and ITC models. What this means is that you can choose between discretion and visibility, price, fit and much more. At some Costco locations, an audiologist is available, but usually only one hearing specialist will be present. The necessary tradeoff is that you get a functional hearing aid without high-end options or features.

Read all available information, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of Costco hearing aids, and then base your decision on your personal hearing aid needs and requirements, performance and reliability. Each hearing center has a soundproof cabin designed to provide optimal conditions for hearing tests. Costco offers some of the lowest cost Bluetooth and custom-fit hearing aids, and there are models for people with mild to profound hearing loss. If you want to stream audio and receive hands-free calls, MDHearingAid is not the right choice, as none of the hearing aids offer these features.

For example, “There are no audiology visits and the hearing aids may be devoid or blocked. Costco's ReSound Preza hearing aid is based on technology similar to that found in GN ReSound's LiNX Quattro 9 (we cover the LiNX Quattro in this MDHearing article). Research and review Costco hearing aids before committing to a purchase, but depending on the variety of brands and styles, you're likely to find the perfect fit at Costco. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the KS 10 is Sonova's industry-leading Made For All (MFA) universal Bluetooth transmission technology, which allows audio streaming and hands-free control of hearing aids from your smartphone.

In addition, Costco usually blocks your hearing aids, which means you must return to Costco for service and repairs. When I went to the Costco hearing center in Tampa, they gave me a much more thorough ear exam and I asked them. Costco hearing care professionals are on hand throughout the entire process, from initial testing to follow-up appointments for maintenance and cleaning. They also match different levels of hearing loss, ranging from mild to profound, to find the perfect match.

That said, MDHearing also offers a variety of high-quality hearing aids and MDHearing's prices are much more affordable than Costco's.